No-Nonsense Writing Guides for Novelists & Screenwriters

Outlining, Editing & Revision

Story Outlines (book cover)

Sizzling Story Outlines

A step-by-step method to go from idea to outline

Sizzling Story Outlines: How to Outline Your Screenplay or Novel, Always Know “What Happens Next,” and Finish Your Rough Draft Without Freaking Out

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Story Compass (book cover)

Solid Story Compass

Make your story the best it can be…without paying a pro thousands of dollars for editing or analysis

Solid Story Compass: How to Become Your Own Developmental Editor or Script Consultant, Stop Second-Guessing Your Storytelling Decisions, and Prevent Inconsistencies from Incurring Reader Wrath

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Storytelling Fundamentals

Story Stakes (book cover)

Story Stakes

Make your story a page-turner…and make a living as a writer

Story Stakes: Your #1 Writing Skills Strategy to Produce a Page-Turner that Transforms Readers into Raving Fans of Your Screenplay or Novel

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Story Structure Essentials series

Inciting Incident (book cover)

Inciting Incident (Revised & Expanded edition)

Does your story beginning set you up for success…or failure?

Inciting Incident: How to Begin Your Screenplay or Novel and Captivate Audiences Right Away (While Accomplishing Your Long-Term Plotting Goals)

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Midpoint Magic (book cover)

Midpoint Magic

Stop sagging middles from derailing your story (& your writing career)

Midpoint Magic: How to Swing Your Screenplay or Novel in a New Direction and Say Good-Bye to Sagging Story Middles That Put Audiences to Sleep

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Trough of Hell (book cover)

Trough of Hell

Conquer Act Two…and complete your story in less time—and with less frustration

Trough of Hell: How to Wrap Up the Middle of Your Story with Maximum Impact

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Story Climax (book cover)

Story Climax

Master the ending of your story…and you could leap to the top of a reader’s “auto-buy” list or be added to Hollywood’s speed dial

Story Climax: How to Avoid Disappointed Audiences and Craft a Screenplay or Novel Climax That Thrills & Delights

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